Common cosmetic dental procedures

A cosmetic dental procedure refers to any dental procedure that boosts the appearance of the teeth and gums. It may or may not improve the functionality of the same. Now-a-days, many individuals are able to improve their overall appearance, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic dentist edison nj perform minor to major repairs on the patient’s teeth in order to given them an appealing look and feel.

Some common cosmetic dental procedures are:

Tooth whitening:
This is the most common and popular cosmetic dental procedure. Who would not want to have clean and sparkling white teeth? The procedure is also called as bleaching of teeth and can be done at your dentist’s clinic or at the convenience of your own home. However, it is highly recommended that any cosmetic dental procedure is done under the supervision of your cosmetic dentist edison nj. By this procedure, you can eliminate teeth stains or discoloration of teeth and gives them a clean, white and sparkling look. This will surely help you achieve your dazzling smile.

Tooth contouring or reshaping:
Most people are not blessed with perfect teeth. It is more tough and disheartening if your teeth are crooked and look ghastly. Such teeth will deteriorate your overall looks. Tooth contouring or reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure by which the shape, size, length, breadth and even position of the teeth are altered. Many individuals have gained good looks after undergoing this procedure.

Tooth bonding:
This again is a procedure to fix crooked or broken teeth. In this procedure some material that looks like tooth enamel is applied, shaped and hardened on the broken or crooked teeth to restore its shape and appearance.

Dental fillings:
Dental fillings are used to repair tooth cavities. In contrast to traditional dental fillings where metal-fillings were used, cosmetic dentistry uses fillings that are available in different shades and those that match the color of your teeth. No more discomfort on showing a metallic filling after undergoing this procedure.

This is a custom-made lamination of porcelain that is used to laminate teeth and make them appear white. Veneers are usually used to correct the color of teeth that do not change color to whitening treatments.

Dental bridges:
These are used to camouflage the loss of a teeth or huge gaps in teeth.

You can choose the right procedure for you by visiting your cosmetic dentist edison nj.

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